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News & Information for Residents of
Markfield, Thornton, Bagworth,
Stanton-under-Bardon & Field Head

Welcome to the Herald website!

The Herald is a news and information magazine delivered 11 times a year to approximately 4,000 homes and businesses in Markfield, Thornton, Bagworth, Stanton-under-Bardon and Field Head areas of Leicestershire in the UK. The estimated readership is 8,000 people.

The magazine is A4 size and printed in colour throughout.

It contains interesting and informative articles relating to the local area and slightly further afield.
The magazine includes regular news items about village clubs and associations, local school news, and information from the local medical centres.
There are also regular columns supplied by local councillors and occasional articles from the local MP.

The Herald is a brilliant advertising medium for businesses looking to trade with local residents in a precisely targeted geographic area.

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