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Markfield Parish Neighbourhood Plan Referendum
After almost 5 years of development, public consultations and independent examination the Neighbourhood Plan for Markfield Parish now has one more hurdle to climb – a referendum vote.
If our plan receives at least 50% (plus1) of the votes, it must be adopted by Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council as part of their statutory development plan and, through that, significantly influence what development happens in our parish
The referendum for our plan is scheduled for THURSDAY 9th SEPTEMBER  2021.
It will be organised on behalf of Markfield PC by the Borough Council and will operate just like a local council election.
Currently Hinckley and Bosworth are consulting on their draft local plan to cover the period 2020 to 2039. The Borough Council hope their plan will be adopted next year. It will then guide to how the borough is developed and if approved at the referendum the Markfield Parish Neighbourhood plan will sit alongside it.
More details about the referendum will be posted on parish council notice boards later in the summer.
If you want to see the final version of our Neighbourhood Plan (the referendum version), copies will be available at Markfield Community Library, the Community Centre, the Parish Council office and also online at:

To read the Markfield Neighbourhood Plan, click on the image on the right and the document will open in page flip form.

Tony Lockley
(Chair of Markfield Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group)
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